The Walk

by Venkat


She took me on a walk
And I walked so, on her mind

For moments, it felt water
As I sunk with stones I carried
In my feathered heart
Till I flapped those limbs
To hold edges, back in the eye

For moments, it felt sand
As I lost my path, in chains I wound
On my winged feet
Till I uncaged them
To find dates of taste, elusive

For moments, it felt fire
As I lay caught, in a shell of oil
Upon these feet, of steel
Till I broke the wet walls
To leave those prejudices inert

For moments, it felt a sky
As I dropped off my flight
With feet, made for speed
Till I shaped muscles, new
To lift feelings, back to their nests

And our steps so, found beats
With footprints deep, etched on my heart


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