by Peter Notehelfer
Paul Klee

        Paul Klee

My tree
is a refugee
just an outcast
from the woods
where all perfect
trees are groomed
But I do not mind
I am a refugee as
well born but to
you see 

of the war
we were when
we put out to sea
Emigrants of lands
atom`melted cities
Immigrating then
adopted now
as orphans
of war

My Papa
taught me
of yule trees
He’d cut three
one for its trunk
one for its branch
one for a garnish
on window sills
from imperfect
trees he made


9 Comments to “Refugees”

  1. I do love the way you form your verses into shapes 🙂 Lovely !

    • Thank you morgan morgan, I have to discipline myself or I’m running all over the page . . . It’s an OCD thing for me! Blessings on the Holidays ahead . . .

  2. Excellent Peter nice to see you, I think you have a poem in drafts.

    • Thanks Harry . . . I cleaned out the drawer! I rarely write two poems a day anymore and just keeping up with my blog site seems a challenge enough these days . . . Soon I’m afraid I’ll have to hang it all up! Blessings on the Holidays ahead. to you and all yours . . .

  3. It’s an age thing 🙂

  4. Everything came together here . . . the featured image, the shape of the words, and last but not least, the words themselves. A gem!

  5. your words give refuge to the reader

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