Winter of My Life

by Heather's Starting End

Dream Of Mystical Place 3 - Beautiful Places 2

In case the day should ever come
When I’m no longer me
When I, the mother that you once knew
Becomes the child so desperate in your need

As each day that I meet
Now becomes a burden
What once simple, now complex
When I’ve forgotten names, time and dates
Yet also forgotten all my regrets

Know that no matter
How distant my eyes,
And the feelings that I,
Can no longer convey
That deep down in my now
Voiceless heart,
My love for you still grows every day

I apologize now, so far in advance
For my decline, should it unfold
When the memories I try
To build every day,
Become deleted by error
By a mind that’s grown old

My winter may come at an inconvenient time
Our seasons out of tune,
While your life’s in full stride, just as mine weakens,
When your Spring, is here, finally in bloom

Hesitate not to shed a fast tear,
Though I’m sure that I, will not know why
Remember my heart as it was when it spoke,
When life was young and had time on my side



7 Comments to “Winter of My Life”

  1. Poignantly beautiful, Heather….

  2. Lord, woman, this brought tears to my eyes. So lovely . . . So sad.

  3. Wow, I’ve just lost my Mother… This is so real… so dead -on real life. Well written!!

    • I’m sorry for the loss of your Mom, Deborah. It was ad older Lady and her elderly Mom siting across from me on a train last weekend that inspired me to write this as I felt the loss of my Mom as I saw them together. She was fragile in body and mind. I so appreciate hearing that you felt this. Hugs, Heather

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