Dusty Crowns

by 50djohnson
September 23, 2015 After the Storm! 075

photo by Debbie

Trust is a loaded word. Everyone should sit and dwell on it in the Presence of Jehovah  until the true grasp of it makes you weep. Trust =based on truth, confidence, reliability, assurance   Once you lose someone’s trust, it is next to impossible to get it back. Forgiveness, yes, but to trust again… that’s a tough one. If you tell someone you will be there at 1:00, and  you don’t show up until 4:00 and they are gone.  Can you blame them? They can no longer trust you completely. When it comes right down to it, it’s a lie. Have you ever had someone you love lie to you , or worse yet, have you ever lied to someone you love? Why do you do it? If the truth were known we all have probably done it at least once  in our lives . To be trusted you must be ‘Trustworthy’. Worthy= virtuous, exemplary, guiltless,  honest ,decent, respectable ,  dependable.  Oh, that the people I love, my friends, and everyone who knows me will find me to be trustworthy. Yes, This is my goal for myself… to be trustworthy.

Do you consciously decide in whom you place your trust?

Or do you just go through life trusting those who in your life are thrust?

Early in life most of us find there are very few on whom we can depend.

A hard lesson in life it is to find out not all who claim to be are really our close friend.

Trust is a holy sacred act that comes from deep within.

Layers of confidence and honesty surround that trusted crown,

If ever it topples off, it lies there on the ground

A little bent and dusty , it can be cleaned and polished but never perfect again.

If it falls off someone to whom you trusted with your heart and soul,

It all depends on them whether they want to polish it to shine and be whole.

Sometimes they just can’t bring themselves to reach down and pick it up

In shame they turn to go, knowing they hurt you, feeling corrupt.

Those not worthy of your TRUST do not care if they have trampled on your trust.

If they’ve done it many times , it’s time to walk away in disgust.

Then there are those who prayerfully pick up that bent and dusty crown,

Lovingly taking their own shirt to shine it up like new  from right off the dirty ground.

Forgiveness shining in their eyes and love pouring from their heart

Trust is restored just like it was right from the very start.

The only Way for true forgiveness and the precious gift of Trust

To be restored is  from the giver of Life made holy and just

The very Creator of life is Only one way to be healed of life’s strife

For as He said in the days of Old, “I am the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life“.



Song on you tube by Signature SoundForgiven Again




2 Comments to “Dusty Crowns”

  1. Nice bro trust holds us together as a society. It’s terrible when big money making companies lie to us consumers

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