The Cleaner At The Cinema

by William

I don’t have a great job

I’m the cleaner at the local cinema

I wait until the movie has finished

And then I pick up the rubbish left behind


Sometimes I get there early and stand at the back

And get to watch the end of a movie

Sometimes the ending can tell you

What the movie was all about


The other day I was late

The cinema empty when I arrived

The screen still warm from its last endeavour

When the image of a man appeared on the screen


“Hey you” the image shouted at me

I looked at him and shook my head

“I must be going mental” flashed through my mind

“That guy on the screen is talking to me”


That guy continued “You know I die at the end of the movie

The director kills me as part of the plot

I didn’t want to die

I wanted to be the hero”


Dumbstruck, but I managed to reply

“You can still be the hero, even if you die”

The guy looked at me and slowly smiled

“My god, you’re right”

And then he was gone


2 Comments to “The Cleaner At The Cinema”

  1. Nice one I love a poem I can understand and has a bit of a story

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