Happiness Waits

by Dorinda Duclos

A quiet moment, alone on a swing

Hoping my heart can remember to sing

Floating on air, in the bright morning light

Knowing full well, I must keep up the fight

To conquer this monster, restless in me

I can no longer take all of life’s sympathy

For those who don’t know, it feels like you’ve died

From all of those emotions you’ve kept deep inside

I look not for pity, from eyes as they glare

But hope one day, I am not ashamed to share

The burdens I lay at my very own feet

Trying so hard, to fight this defeat

I’ve locked it away, yet it’s close to my heart

The sadness I feel, like I’m falling apart

Not knowing which way I can turn and still care

Falling deeper and deeper into empty despair

Til the chirp of a bird sings its own happy song

And in that very moment, my heart sings along

Rejoicing, he sings, such a sweet melody

His reminder, that happiness is waiting for me



©2015 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved


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