Passing Fair – ABC Poem

by Morgan

Passing Fair

Absolute Silence,
Breathless Sigh,
Chaos Soaring
Deep Inside,
Echoes of a
Fracture in Time,
Gabriel’s Horn
Heralding Fine,
Indigo Setting in
Jagged Night,
Kisses Telling More than the
Message Drifting in
Neptune’s  Hand,
OH the Tranquility of a
Purposeless Plan,
Shadows Drifting,
Timeless Device of the
Universe, Shifting,
Vast and Empty,
Waiting Delay,
Xanadu Tempting
Zero hour Passing Fair,
Betrayed in Your
Calamitous Stare.

(sorry, ran over a bit, first go, but I know you will Humour me 😉 )
Beautiful Original Artwork:  across_an_ocean_of_stars_by_whisperingcrows

2 Comments to “Passing Fair – ABC Poem”

  1. Its a long time since I’ve had a go at an ABC poem.

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