America’s Desperate Hour

by Harry



My fear and my worry had brought me to despair

So I took it to my prayer room and met my Saviour there.

Prostrate before the father I cried to him for peace

This fear has me paralyzed and I need your sweet release.

I never dreamed America would be a place of fear

A place where freedom and safety are held so very dear.

But Father, the world’s filled with evil as in the days of the flood

There’s terror in America’s heart and our streets are stained with blood.

Doomsday people are everywhere implying there is no hope,

So how do people without your peace live and continue to cope.

Financial news is even worse saying life as we know it will be no more

How can we prepare for all situations hidden behind evil doors?

Banks will close and they’ll be no way to pay needs of everyday life

Get your money and change it to silver and to gold,

Prepare for civil unrest and rioting in the streets as foretold.

Have your guns ready to protect your family and home

Against desperate people needing food and terrorists on the roam.

We’ve lost our Christian leadership, Lord, most don’t know where to turn.

Return the freedom from fear for which we so earnestly yearn.

Casting all our care upon you, Lord, is what you’ve told us to do.

So, I now toss all my worries and all my cares, I throw them all on you.

You are the Lord of Lords and King of Kings on that we can depend.

Your faithfulness and assurance with mighty force will defend

Against the roaming, roaring lion seeking whom he will devour…

America, we must keep our eyes fixed on Christ in this desperate hour.

His strength, love, and provision He will with joy to us empower.

To live each day with trust and faith regardless of the scope

You’re our Glory, Honour, and Multiplied Power, You are our Eternal Hope.

5 Comments to “America’s Desperate Hour”

  1. Faith is the key to everything. I fail more times by picking up again what leave at the alter.

    • Thank you so very much for reading and commenting. I’m new to this site and I’m so excited to have found The Poet’s Corner.So true. Don’t pick it back up, leave it there. 🙂

  2. It’s that strength in spirit, that belief in what is just, the teachings of Christ… as his disciples did, we to must hold fast to that strength, regardless. Thanks for your courage.

  3. Jaybluepoems, thank you for such an encouraging comment. Blessings,Debbie

  4. “I never dreamed America would be a place of fear” — ouch! So true and cutting it right to the bone. America is the bastion of freedom yet everyday there are countless members of our great nation under some form of oppression, bet it economical, racial, or at the hands of self-entitled neighbors. Really awesome poem with a great message.

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