~ You

by ladyliterati

Who I have watched

Grow weak, weary


With worry

Anxious of tomorrow

The day’s end,

And long I’ve watched

You fight

On your own

Alone –

Always alone

In thought

In deed,

Fearful of your

Broken heart

Becoming cold

Frozen, insensate

Where anger

Takes up residence

Lashes out at the world

And everything in it,

Fearful of the misunderstood

Sulking in silence

Though your mind a battlefield,

Drenched in self doubt

Questioning your worth

Judging yourself harshly

Your own worst enemy

Subjecting yourself to such furry,

Chaining yourself

By yourself

To the lack of perfection

You seek in self, others

Though perfection an illusion

Often sought

An impossible find,

Fear, your captor

Holds you fast

A weight all must bare

Yet bravely walk through

Reaping the rewards

Of accomplishment,

A righteous pride;

It is the wounded

Ruled by fear

Loosing out


Love, life, and laughter –

Acceptance of all

Even your humanity

Subject to fault and failure

As well as victory, success

Must be your reality…now

As you move forward

Conquering self.

***Inspired by and for someone in great need.


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