Floatation’s of life: Blitz poem

by Harry

Submitted by lyski
Lost again
Lost in floatation’s
Floatation’s like driftwood
Floatation’s of a drifting soul
Soul needing fuel
Soul attracting others on the journey
Journey that seems like fun
Journey that deteriorates under sun

Sun too light
Sun too bright
Bright to blind
Bright to bind
Bind the drifters
Bind the fearless
Fearless of a higher life
Fearless of delusion
Deluded with drugs
Deluded by money
Money driving thoughts
Money hiding hurt
Hurt by addiction
Hurt with justice
Justice of peace
Justice by few who found
Found a way
Found some sayings
Sayings of peace
Sayings of direction
Direction the drifters disdain
Direction the inevitable pain
Pain at failing
Pain while sailing
Sailing on this ocean of life
Sailing with no compass
Compass almost meaningless
Compass just to notice
Notice the relentless sun
Notice that I’m lost
Lost in a world of days
Lost in this world of greed
Greed a hungry urge to feed
Greed that rudderless beast
Beast who hides in corners of the soul
Beast that unwanted friend
Friend for company
Friend for life
Life drifting with life
Life twisting through time


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