The Old Grey Mayor – A Chained Kyoka

by Georgia


in his golden age
[as in frail senior years]
the city’s mayor
took steps to close down
the city’s discotheque

long forgotten
his lively fiery youth
his lustful ways
his quest for adventures
in envy – he betrayed youth

protests rang
among the citizens
petitions signed
marches marched and voices raised
but it was to no avail

the city split
between the young and old
[enter civil strife]
no solution to the crisis
seemed in the offing

then, the mayor’s wife
who never spoke – did that day
in favour of youth
and said it was just envy
that drove the senior mayor

and beyond all reason
the decision made
creating disharmony
among the population

a committee formed
to find a just solution
the mayor huffed
but collaborated
or he’d have lost his votes

the solution found
in the town hall that day
the order withdrawn
now there is a senior’s night
Fridays – at the old dance hall

© G.s.k. ‘15


Sunday’s Whirligig

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