~ The Flurry Folk

by A. L. O'Prunty

~ The Flurry Folk
Sitting on a cloud so high

Slate grey haven in the sky
The Flurry Folk work all year

Making flakes with lots of cheer
While Ole Man Winter soundly sleeps

The Flurry Folk happily guard his keep
As the Winter Solstice slowly arrives

The pile of flakes come alive
No two created quite the same

Each snip reflects the Flurries name
There’s Clipper, Chris and Kross

Selected for the flakes to toss
While Windy blows up quite a storm

To awaken Winter from his bed soft and warm
Recovered from his long, long rest

Releasing a howl from his chest
Mighty how the winds do blow

As the flakes swirl into piling snow
Clipper from his slate grey cloud

Announces to the flurries out loud
“Come gather! Come all and toss

Less our season of fun be a lost!”
Then falling fast and furiously

Mounds of snow for all to see
Children laughing with delight

To wake within a world so white
Carefree sledding down a hill

Feeling not Winters, Nip and Chill
The Flurry Folk watch with no surprise

The wonderment in each child’s eyes
After all they work all year

To bring the child Winters cheer.


Copyright Applies
Dedicated to my grandchildren and all who allow their inner child to participate in the beauty of Winter.


3 Comments to “~ The Flurry Folk”

  1. Wonderful!! We should all see winter through the eyes of a child!

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