Love, the Chameleon

by Harry

Submitted by Lyski

I try to give this invisible thing
But it hurts the more I bring
This love some say has no price
So why use it as a vice?
It’s me that’s strange I know it’s true I have no standing I have no clue
When love and belief dance with guns is it fate and love to choose who’s dead?
Loves lost that place in my head
replaced with noise
a need to be fed

stranger stranger where’s your love I paid for mine you wear a glove only for yours not for me.
Go, run away shouting
let me be
So love hid in my heart
I learnt love’s a thing
with sharp sides
a centre that’s silent
shadows and shades
a prism hidden by dust

Brother brother where have you gone?
don’t you remember our song
I need you man I’m feeling lost
I bow my head I’m like a ghost
I haunt your phone I am a fool
I blamed your love for losing my way
People accused me of being gay
So love hurts my heart
I gave it that place
I am to blame I have no grace

My mother my father what have I done?
Was I so bad you rejected a son?
A chunk of meat balances on feet
I’ve honoured you I’m sure (you brag to your friends)
Love can’t be in my heart
This is too sad
So I hold love light in my hands
It’s every way makes me sing
It’s everyday
it is our thing

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