A Good Man I Know

by Harry

Submitted by Lyski

A good man I got to know ten year ago or so
A balding friend a lion heart
Whom some rhymed his name with punt
He’s a jovial chap that rarely works
Mostly gambles and shirks in well worn shirts

His fun friends these are a few; one called true another blue and his favourite pet addiction

It was hot summers approach
I drugged and dragged punt away
He gave me luck as we ventured into a
cold wilderness
His great friend true kept looking back at our disappearing track
He muttered to blue, we’re lost

We searched the snowy heights looking for loves father faith
For many moons we kept finding gloom at the bottom of the bottle of joy

People pointed laughing at our success
Punts pet addiction laughed back at the mocking flock and hurriedly gave them gifts
It was time to go again to leave the cold dance for the wealthy

We chased ourselves around the world and found comfort where we began
Punt arranged a party with all his few friends
Later unexpectedly late love crashed into the scene with his friends lady hope, lady charity and mr aggression.
They were stoned drunk and extremely loud

Punt smiling smug and proud said to true, we are home.
True shook his head sadly held blues hand and sang this song:
You wake up and smell tobacco yet roses bloom by your head
The road you travel is smooth and easy but your feet are looking dead…
Love moved, aggression smoked and they sung a verse:
The more you cry the more you learn the more you’ll yearn the more you’ll gain strength and knowledge…
Addiction laughed so hard loves words were drowned
Aggression slammed his feet to the ground his strong voice ordered punt to go
Punt, jovial as ever, with his girlfriends hope and charity under each arm skipped to the casino to bruise them both

I lamented with true and blue till punt came back I cried some more but he, being a lucky chap slapped my back and ego crept into the room

Subtly, finely, easily, quietly and respectfully I introduced faith but true couldn’t see
Hope and charity were to hung-over to care
Love and blue knew what to do but aggression and ego held them in a corner with addiction

Faith was smart he knew when to speak
He knew what to say
He followed us everyday wanting to reach us to touch us to feel our pain
To give us gain on a spiritual plane
Not to kick addiction in the balls
Or challenge true or eliminate blue
He wants to show us the amazing halls with brightly coloured walls
Towers that touch the sky to bring us so high that we look at luck and see faiths face smiling back with love

Addiction and luck and sometimes love did there best to keep faith away
Punt smiled at the efforts of true who became confused mistrusted and misused
Punt laughed and began another circle with fate

Fate, who wasn’t the best mate
Killed punts father then faith who punt once knew loaned his inheritance to his sister who squandered and spent it on her friends desire and lust
Faith and his daughter trust were punished and banished and locked in a dance in a corner of a room in a chamber of the castle called fight

Lady disparity came knocking on punts door but blue answered and became jealous so sent her away.
She didn’t go far camping close by
Trying to get noticed as punt walked home with lust greed addiction and hope

Dope was the word dope was the search dope has a brother called happy and a sister called silly
They are an attractive handsome family with many cousins
While not that smart they are strong
They have a tool called bong who punt, if he could would surgically attach it to his face
Punt so loved the dope family
He laughed at silly dance bong to bong
He threw open his mind to allow happy rummage lost files in his brain
Silly and happy unlocked faith
Trust came rushing out but faith remained silently looking out a towers window
I saw old man wisdom standing by faith watching silly dance
Punt needed strength and her brother will power to overcome addiction but they were busy surfing with joy
So another circle began
This is why punt loved the dope family so much

Anger and disparity feeling left out began haunting and hunting hiding in punts shadow planning his demise. ‘This will be easy’ they’d surmise
Faith wisdom and fate noticed this brewing storm
They could see rage and jealousy on steeds called authority and hate galloping with haste
A war had begun

Punt blissfully unaware without a care
With only dope and bong on his mind was surprised by a call from me

With hope and charity I approach punts circle
I broach and war is averted again

Punt, a good man is he but his friend hurts my knee
This friend has no end he has no start he can’t be hurt but he can hurt but didn’t mean too
Imaginations his name
For him he likes a game and a problem to solve
The wealth of an idea to evolve
He always had plans for joy then love would join to play
That bugger hunger though he always gets in the way

Happiness and hunger punts married mates always setting others up on dates
Always on time but happy to wait
Dept collectors by trade but enjoy different hobbies
Hunger wears the pants but happiness has the last say
A delightful couple but one you don’t want to mess with
They won’t let anything get in their way

Punt has a son he keeps away from love
He tries to keep him in the dark
Punt would leave him in the park but apologises for him instead
His son trips me up and trips others out and makes the world a kaleidoscope
His son makes me think by pushing me to the brink of anger
This son is part of punt
Friends with my cousin of the same name;

You don’t have to look far to find the good in punt
You’d hear it first the start of a small motor driving a bigger rotor pulling a belt that turned a wheel
If you ask he’ll change a gear
And drive anywhere

Once, as often occurs fate surprised me pushed me into hurt so punt was asked to help
He bought his son who was having an affair with silly who had with her, her daughter lazy and cousin commitment
Fate had me tied and for a moment I lost faith in punt
Punt could be the last person on earth but I kept him from mirth
Tried locking him in fight
Almost mocking him with light
Why can’t I leave him be?

Faith spoke to fate who told me through passion and true to trust this man punt
To accept his friends
To walk with love and dance with joy
To laugh at silly and smile with hope
To cry with disparity and ride with true
To trust in faith and hear his voice

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