Rescue Me

by Tiffany Layne

Lord rescue me
From this lonely space I’m occupying
Can’t you see how hard I’m trying
To move on with all this pain.
Rescue me,
My heart’s broken beyond my own repair
All I can feel is a dark despair
I want to feel the light I used to see
Rescue me.

I can’t do it alone, no,  not this time
I’ve lost the reasons to my rhyme
I’m not even the person I used to be
Rescue me.
Rescue me.
Don’t leave me searching all alone
I don’t know how to go on.
It’s so dark I can’t see, please come in.
And Rescue me.
Just Rescue me,  Lord rescue me…
~TiffanyLayne 2015

One Comment to “Rescue Me”

  1. Nice poem I so relate to these words

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