A Ripe Strawberry – Haibun

by Georgia

four seasons_small framed

Walking along the blossoming fields in a spring dawn, enjoying the singing forests of the masts in the port in summer, a carpet of coloured leaves on green in autumn and the stark beauty of sleeping trees and snow, which season is my favourite?

Each has its beauty and each its detractor;  the clammy rains of spring, the sweltering heat of summer, the melancholy feeling of  ending in autumn, the bone chilling cold of winter. Which do I dislike the most?

Like the man hanging from a branch over a fatal fall with a tiger waiting above to eat him enjoys the beauty of a strawberry … so do I.

the passing seasons
each moment of life precious
a ripe strawberry

© G.s.k. ‘15

A haibun is a Japanese genre … a sort of travel diary in prosody with a haiku ending.

2 Comments to “A Ripe Strawberry – Haibun”

  1. Simply splendid . . .

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