World Terror … don’t leave the sunshine – Bop Poem

by Georgia

“It is a mistake to refer to Muslim terrorists. I believe no religion endorses terrorism. The essence of all major religions is compassion, forgiveness, self-discipline, brotherhood and charity. All religions have the potential to strengthen human values and to develop general harmony. But individuals twist religious beliefs for their own ends. There are people who use religion as a cover to achieve their vested interests, so it would be wrong to blame their particular religion. Religious divisions have lately become dangerous once more, and yet pluralism, under which everybody is free to practise his or her own faith, is part of the fabric of contemporary society.”  The Dalai Lama

World Terror

and power struggles kill more innocents
in the name of some ideal or religion
sarin gas, hand grenades, un-intelligent bombs
a kamikaze in the night
all in the name of  “right and truth”
all in the name of “God and justice”

don’t leave the sunshine and move into the fog

killers of peace – destroyers of harmony
then, innocents lay on a school room floor – dead
now – bombs at a football match
a death concert in Paris
a missile falls on a sleeping child
this time – bloody minded crusaders yell:
Allahu Akbar” (الله أكبر)
guided by l-shayāṭīnu* (الشَّيَاطِينُ) – by hate

don’t leave the sunshine and move into the fog

now the beauty of Islam is diminished
now Christ’s wisdom is dimmed
now the Bodhisattva cries more tears:
here in this valley of darkness
looking for the light seems hopeless
yet the sun shines still – it can’t be put out

don’t leave the sunshine and move into the fog

© G.s.k. ‘15


Bop Poetry Form

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