by William

Noddy was driving his red and yellow taxi

Past Mr Milko in his van

Noddy saw Big-Ears on the road

“Jump in Big-Ears, and come for a ride”


Mr Plod was on duty that day

Riding his police bicycle

Noddy decided to rob the bank

Oh Goodie Goodie that will be fun


Big-Ears wasn’t that certain

“Noddy we could end up in jail”

“Don’t be silly Big-Ears

It will just be for a bit of fun”


“Won’t we need some weapons

To hold up the bank?”

“Why don’t we use my broom?

It looks like a weapon”


Early the next morning

They put their plan into play

Big-Ears held the broom

And Noddy led the way


Mr Plod was waiting

Pumped bullets into Noddy

Big-Ears leaped into action

But alas the broom failed to fire


2 Comments to “Noddy”

  1. I remember noddy and his friends 🙂

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