by Morgan


To Enhance the Poem, Please Listen while Reading


Of All that is Intangible,

Laying Promise across the Path,

Singing in the Shadows of Understanding

Where Perception Plays amidst the rolling Clouds of Whispering Time,

Shallow Dream, Most Incomprehensible,

Delivering, Disguising, Directing

The Harbingers of Light who Dance upon Sparrow’s Wings!


Sweet Breath

Of All that Encompasses Mystery,

Speak of other times and days of History,

Once Deeply Sought, Now Long Unremembered,

Build a Bridge of Comprehension

Beyond this Mortal Gash of Limited Dwelling,

Into a Realm of Constancy and Hope and Purpose;

Beyond our Scope of Imagination,

Engendering, Encompassing Enigma;


And Make this Fragile knowledge I call my own,

All that Bends to your Dulcet Harmony.

Beautiful Music: Aurora by Hans Zimmer


3 Comments to “Fragile”

  1. Nice idea to add visuals and sound to your words. Food for thought there.

    • I am Inspired so very often by the music I am listening to and thought it logical to share that Inspiration with what it created. I am glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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