~ Addiction Speaks

by A. L. O'Prunty

~ Addiction Speaks Volumes
A Personification

Allow me to introduce myself,
I’m called “Addition”
I come in many shapes and sizes
Am a respector of none

I lie, cheat, steal
To feed my habbit
My demon,
I rip through families
Like a whirlwind
Scattering the remnants:
In my wake…
Broken hearts
Lives devastated
And I see it not
So blind to human emotion
I do not see nor feel the pain caused
The suffering of the innocent

I’m your worst NIGHTMARE
The darkest vortex
As I drag one after another down
With me
Making them numb to reality

Yes, I sneak in
When least expected
With words of manipulation
I maneuver my loved ones
Seek pity
They are nothing compared
To the demon I must feed

When I cannot find my “friend”
The one of choice,
Anger surges through blood and vein
I lash out one minute
The next I’m teary eyed
I am unstable
Set on an emotional
Roller coaster ride
Some do not survive my power
Some do

The strong CAN survive me
Kick me to the curb
It’s a new wave
Called Intervention!
But, I fight with all my might
To hold them tight…

Wrap around them

As a long lost lover

They can’t get enough of

I’m just that way
Me, my name, “Addiction”.

O’Prunty ©



2 Comments to “~ Addiction Speaks”

  1. my own reblog was a coincidence today

    • It is a topic that needs more exposure in my humble opinion. Addiction hurts more than just the addicted…perhaps that should be a slogan to catch the attention of those who simply turn a blind eye, or unwittingly enable the addicted person.

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