A Woodpecker’s Rattle

by Venkat


This woodpecker
Upon my neck
Rattled on
And I saw its beak
Tear my feelings

This woodpecker
Upon my shoulder
Rattled on
And I saw its eyes
Tear my mind

This woodpecker
Upon my back
Rattled on
And I heard its pecks
Tear my silence

This woodpecker
Upon my heart
Rattled on
And I saw my hollowness
Tear my soul

This woodpecker
Upon my eyes
Rattled on
And I felt its darkness
Tear my needs

This woodpecker
Upon my breath
Rattled on
And I sensed its breath
Tear my past

This woodpecker
Upon my feet
Rattled on
And I found its thirst
Tear my ground

This woodpecker
Upon my thoughts
Rattled on
And I let its love
Tear my emptiness

image: antpitta.com

8 Comments to “A Woodpecker’s Rattle”

  1. love the pic of the woodpecker.

  2. Excellent as usual… I love the use of the 5 senses, and the imagery.

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