Daily Poem — Partly Father

by paturnerlee

Partly Father
Tricked into sandpaper chewing

Teeth grate on the fire

My Senior Service dangling from chapped and dry lips

I ponder my cousins dreams

In a silk lined coffin

Carried in sorrow and loneliness

Resigned to resting the head

it could be said for the best

A test of time, standing up for a pleasant passing

such a separate ending

Disturbed by the distant garden

That had been cared for with love and butterflies

the wind carrying the seeds ever onwards

Dribbling nonsense in tears

Falling gently in pastel shading

grouped in bunches like flowers

Petals resting on opaque surroundings

Pitched as a given believer

He left a tattooed tier of prominent events

Betrayed by a twisted nature

Destined for disaster

Lost in the space between life and the time after

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 21st October 2015


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