They parted

by Harry

Submiited by awax1217
A love so deep and yet in time it died,

The holding hands, the caress of love,

The promises, the sharing now replaced,

At first bitter tears and then cold silence.

The love ended, and so they parted,

Dividing up what they had created,

Dividing their assets and their children,

Love replaced by hate,

And so they parted,

But they saw each other on the birthdays,

But no rekindling occurred,

Instead they led separate lives,

And much later one passed on.

At the graveside there was the tears of regret,

For now they truly parted.

3 Comments to “They parted”

  1. Reblogged this on Michael's Lair and commented:
    In a perfect world..

  2. Ah – how sad that many lives are bound in hope and end in hate … this poem touched me very much.

  3. Love isn’t complicated, people are. If people would just swallow their pride and say upfront that that person is the one they truly love, then all will be well!

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