Transitory Pall

by Morgan


As the Hours of the Velvet Night Fall,
Like the Delicately Singing Enigmatic Call;
Touch as light as the Transitory Pall,
Whispers Beguiling, All in All!

Compelling pull of All that Once Was,
Misleading with Mischief, just Because;
Wistfully Reminding of Inescapable Flaws,
Grasping and Reaching with Nightmarish Claws!

Shallow Remembrances in the sinking Night,
Fading Recollections of shimmering Light,
As Shadows capture the Clarity of Sight,
Diabolic Musings with detrimental Delight!

Spin Sweet Hours as they Fall,
Beguiling, Entrapping,
All of All!
Inspiring Original Artwork by:


One Comment to “Transitory Pall”

  1. I love this poem. A great one indeed.

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