~ Silence ( A Personification )

by A. L. O'Prunty


I am the voice
silenced by war
by drive by shootings
by evil intent
the innocent
a child, mer babe
my life taken
robbed of my future
by bombs crashing
devastation, distraction in their wake
by turbulent gangs
their shoots scattering helter skelter
by the driver out of control
road rage in a pistol
by the parent who was to love me
bagged, left to rot in a suitcase, a lake

I am the world’s children
a child with our understanding
a child void of hate
void of evil intent
my God, my Creator
intended my innocence birthing happiness

I breathe no more
hold no future
no memories
no aspirations
for what could have been
a tiny victim, helpless…
Death was an Angel
the pain stopped
from the grave
must come purpose,
an avenger must arise
holding accountable
those who took the life light
from a childs unknowing eyes

Eyes that once held purpose
dreams that no longer have a chance
a chance to reach a destination, goals
think you, a child cannot birth a dream?
it was child dreamers most successful
but, I, I breathe no more
my dreams died with me

Adults, those were taught to RESPECT
battle for supremeacy, domination
care not for little souls caught in their ideologies
their anger, their evil, wicked souls –
our deaths brought about by wars with many names;
wars that rage in the core of their being

They show little, or no empathy, compassion
for our deaths, our stolen futures
oh! that we had the ability to rise
as children crusaders
hell would pale in comparison
to the Justice we’ve been denied
the Justice we’d inflict
and the peace we’d bring
conforming harden hearts
to the childlike innocence of love

Hate holds this world
greed grips it tighter and tighter
two ingredients destroying life
life, of the children, caught in the cross-fires
as our God gathers us one, by one
looking down with disgust
at his creation; man[kind]…

Our parents, family members mourn
outrage surges through blood and vein
strangers weep for the loss of little ones
little ones, without a chance against
the wars with many names;
daily we are welcomed in the arms of our God.

O’Prunty ©


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