Temples of Clay

by Venkat


This song, in notes of clay
Weaves new sounds
Soft and young

This song, but
Weaves not new notes

This poem, in alphabets of clay
Begets new meanings
Soft and young

This poem, but
Begets not new alphabets

This caress, in hands of clay
Brings new touches
Soft and young

This caress, but
Brings not new hands

This imagination, in eyes of clay
Births new dreams
Soft and young

This imagination, but
Births not new eyes

This fulfilment so, in a self of clay
Invents new pleasures
Soft and young

This fulfilment, but
Invents not a new self

This loss so, in a self of clay
Leaves new pains
Soft and young

This loss, but
Leaves not a new self

Image: http://www.thehindubusinessline.com

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