Poetry challenge: Sedoka poem

by Harry

Poetry challenge.

The Sedoka is an unrhymed poem made up of two three-line katauta with the

 following syllable counts: 5/7/7,  5/7/7.

A Sedoka, pair of katauta as a single poem, may address the same subject from

differing perspectives.

A katauta is an unrhymed three-line poem the following syllable counts: 5/7/7.








As seen on Shadow Poetry

2 Comments to “Poetry challenge: Sedoka poem”

  1. Sedoka…
    There are two states in the US
    North Dakota is one
    South Dakota is two
    I’m thinking of writing
    A kareoke song
    Maybe one
    Maybe two

    Life comes down to numbers
    Your date of birth
    And the date
    You succumb

    Cherish the moments
    You have on Earth
    And look to the future
    Enjoy a bicardi and rum

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