A Few Las Vegas Limericks – #1

by Joel Kravitz

This post comes after three days in Las Vegas. I was with two of my closest friends and we had a blast though there were no gambling winners amongst us. We spent our days playing horses, went to a couple of shows at night and watched more than enough sports on television. And, of course, we played too many slot machines (though I was ahead on them until I dumped a last $100 in one late Saturday night) and we had the “mandatory” and “legendary” dinner buffet at Bellagio, who humbly calls it the world’s best buffet. More on that shortly. Certainly, such activities are rife with material for limericks and some got written.

Let’s start with the dinner buffet. One of our triumvirate is a more discriminating diner than the other two which included me. Mucho picky and finicky so this venue is not good for him and he was taking one for the team, but not without spicing up the conversation with sarcastic smart ass comments about his buddies’ choices at the buffet. At one point we inquired if he tried any of the fish, crab legs or shrimp to which he replied, “Nothing good can come from eating seafood off a buffet.” And that led to this…

The buffet is fine dining the Las Vegas way.
But if you eat fish that sat out all day,
You’d have to be pretty dumb –
Nothing good can come
From eating seafood off a buffet.

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