Shattered In Time

by Karen

It’s been a while since I posted something on here. All of my postings go on to Instagram these days. This one is also on Instagram. Hope you like it.


Shattered in time

Splinters of worn down memories

Disseminate across a frictionless fantasy

Of past and present and future

Back and forth

Forth and back

And I collect those unburnished bits

Within the palms of bloodied hands

Stripped of flesh through to the bone

From lashings of a violated heart

Raging against a destructive soul


I have strength enough

To face the Demon that feasts upon

The festering darkness of broken dreams

And disease-encrusted melancholies


Strength enough to enfold you

Within the chambers of my stalwart heart

Embalm your weakened disposition

And keep your flagging spirit hidden

To convalesce

In your own time

In your own way


I will not let go

I will not let you go




Copyright © 141015








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