A “Dancing The Night Away” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

When I was in the sixth grade, fifty one years ago, I took dance lessons as part of the right of passage into becoming an awkward teenager. Thirteen is a big time age for Jewish kids. It’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah time and that means lots of parties with dancing, so my mom sent me off to Carlos & Kay to learn how to trip the light fantastic. I am happy to say that I am glad she did. I can still do the same “jitterbug” steps I learned way back then and that are now being recycled as “swing dancing.” I know this because I have taken some swing dancing lessons with a friend and it was nothing more than a refresher course for me.

I do like to go out dancing. It is good exercise, music is good for the soul, and it can be the beginning of a beautiful ending for a fun night out. Back when I was at Clemson, they used to say this about the dangers of dancing-

Q Why don’t Baptists fornicate?
A It could lead to dancing!

Nuff said.

I was meeting someone for a little swing dancing recently and she asked me what my favorite type of dancing was not counting a certain step that she was confident I was proficient at, and that led to this…..

This might sound like a Freudian Slop.
I’m a dude who can dance ’til I drop.
I’ve become quite adept
At my favorite step….
I love doing the Horizontal Bop!


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