OctPoWriMo: day 5 – Shadorma Summation

by Georgia

train flashes by


streaking through the night
the train came from the dark
with its passengers and cargo
coming from the north
where it’s going now,
I really couldn’t say –
but I’d gladly buy a ticket
just to get away –
imagining the sharp Turkish spices
that perfume the noisy suks or
bright painted prayer flags
adorning a village in Nepal
the Mermaid of Copenhagen
or the Blarney Stone of Eire –
then I think of others
who dream of coming here
just to see our mountains
and walk along our the lake –
isn’t it a marvel …
this all too human longing
to always be – somewhere else.

seeking greener fields
longing for
something new
as yet to be discovered
with each passing train

© G.s.k. ‘15

This poem is linked to: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s and OctPoWriMo


2 Comments to “OctPoWriMo: day 5 – Shadorma Summation”

  1. I love the images this conjures.

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