Morning Rain – Modified Echo Poem

by Georgia

macro rain

beating – on a Plexiglas roof this morning – rainfall
a concert of drips, wind and rhythmic drops
with a growing crescendo – down the gutter – waters flowing
impetuous – the whooshing and splashing cause me to arise

thus arising I go to my loggia – falling rain drops glisten
plic, plonk, drip drip, toc tick tocks …
a chiming of the hour and now my computer hums
I write to these percussion beats this early autumn refrain
… morning rain

© G.s.k. ‘15

One of the most interesting aspects of OctPoWriMo (and The Poet’s Corner too for that matter) is being able to encounter many poets from around the world but also the chance to learn a new form or technique.

I read a lovely verse written by Bohemian Nerd … in a form I’d never heard of … the only thing I’ve changed (because sometimes I personalize forms to fit my needs) was to eliminate the word – echo – which is repeated throughout the poem … leaving the echoes and ending the poem with two words instead of one. (Echo Poem) Here’s the link to the original poem that inspired me to write this modified version: “Patience” by Bohemian Nerd .


4 Comments to “Morning Rain – Modified Echo Poem”

  1. You know, if you run across any fun forms let me know 😀 I love playing with words

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