~ I Was Asked…

by A. L. O'Prunty

~ I Was Asked…

Where do you see God?

My thoughts voiced as a lightening rod

Speaking with true conviction

My answers in no confliction

With actions spoken louder than word

I answered, as this they heard:

I see God in a newborns breath

And, waiting at the moment of death,

In laughter of the elderly with so much to give

Their deep passion for the life they live,

In the innocent teen searching for self

Accepting knowledge is a well of wealth,

In the Mother nursing her precious babe

Such beauty and saftey where the infant laid,

The pristine, purity of Winters first snow

As if magical, innocence in flakes aglow,

In the first burst of color with Spring

First musical notes the song birds sing,

The happiness, togetherness, Summer creates

With a variety of plans, vacations to take,

And oh! The vibrant hues of Fall falling!

The impressionistic feel of leaf’s, enthralling,

In a curled cat, a playful dogs scampering

The joy to many these family pets bring,

Just look about you, look all around

In simplicity is where God is found,

Not in a pew or on a stage –

God, the world’s biggest celebrity would be out raged,

Known by many names, yet, to me its clear

It’s through people’s eyes where he does appear,

And eyes celebrate his cosmic plan

God first loved, which he imparted to man,

And each see his world differently

And that’s okay, how he meant it to be,

Breaking the mold of inequality

I’m an equal in his eyes with all humanity,

Even as the blossom, the bloom, the bird, the bee

Creatures great and small, designed by he,

Who held within his heart a plan

The uniting of nature with the creating of man.

O’Prunty ©


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