Infinite Oblivion – Conversation Poem

by Georgia

Looking at the news today
I see more fruitless acrobatics
of our fearless talking heads
whilst the sands of time continue
to flow inexorably
into infinite oblivion.

What can the meaning be I ask
of sifting through this sandy chaff
looking for the heart of reason
in the wooden minds of men
dedicated to their causes
born in infinite oblivion.

Holding onto patient reason
whilst swaddled in emotional fluff
searching for logic and truth
where neither have ever been
patience is our strength they say
[or maybe just infinite oblivion].

Bullets fly in place of stones
[the blood that flows is always red]
men still kill for their almighty truths
[those emissions of mental onanism]
children cry and die – the poor are yet poorer
And our leaders sit debating – in infinite oblivion

© G.s.k. ‘15

For more information about the Conversation Poem go here:  What Are the Characteristics of Conversation Poems?


2 Comments to “Infinite Oblivion – Conversation Poem”

  1. all your arrows were perfectly placed

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