by Venkat


A path I rolled upon, deep

Made of cream and honey

My heart, of butterscotch

Melted into itself

And the bees forgot to make honey


A path I splashed upon, deep

Made of chilly sauces, red

My heart, of burning lava

Burst into itself

And the lions became man eaters


A path I sank upon, deep

Made of cold bones

My heart, of icy rocks

Froze into itself

And the coyotes stopped their songs


A path I stole upon, deep

Made of golden fish

My heart, of hungry storks

Gulped into itself

And the chimps then robbed trees


A path I scaled upon, deep

Made of caloried salads

My heart, of barometer

Collapsed into itself

And the squirrels then crushed their teeth, with microscopes


Now, at the cross roads

A path I skate upon, gentle

Made of honey, chilly, bones cold,  fishes of gold and green salads

With bees, lions, coyotes, chimps, squirrels in their natural worlds

With a heart, of flowers

Grown into itself



2 Comments to “Paths”

  1. Extraordinary!!!

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