by Morgan


In the darkness, I linger, alone.

Locked Inside, Timeless,

Unseen and Unheard, while the world goes along without me.

Once All the world sought me out,

Longing for the Treasures I can provide;

Now, I am but  a Myth.

A Legend long forgotten, long Unspoken.

Upon the Mists of Time I Danced,


Yet those same mists now enshroud me,

Ensnare me,

Entrap me,

And all my Powers shrink to a world the size of

This Lantern,

This Darkness,

In which I Linger,



Amazing Original Artwork by: Jeff Read (RepeatingArms on DeviantArt)


6 Comments to “Timeless”

  1. You can not be invisible with a flame.

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