I Wish…

by Tiffany Layne

I wish I didn’t have to be so soft-hearted
I wish I could just get a little mean
I wish I wouldn’t cry every time I think about you
I wish I could just look at you and scream

You broke my world like china crashing on conrete
You broke my heart like a first love gone bad
You broke my trust with every word I ever told you
You broke my soul when you didn’t even try to come back

My love was turned into a gift you never wanted
My love was left sitting outside in the cold all alone
My love was forgotten the moment that you drove away
My love wasn’t even enough to bring you home

Now I cry because I don’t want to miss you
Now I cry because I just want to be mad
Now I cry because you turned my life topsy-turvy
Now I cry because I gave you everything I had

I wish I could forget about this heartache
I wish I could turn cold and move on
I wish I wouldn’t sit here fantasizing
I wish I wouldn’t dream of you coming back home.

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