A Smashburger Vegas Advice Twitter Contest Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

As a writer of limericks and four liners, I have had some success in contests that require that the entrant write something in a limited number of words. I have won several radio contests and some pretty cool prizes that went with them.

Smashburger was promoting a new menu item, The Sin City Burger, which looks pretty spectacular in the pictures, and their promotion now had a contest with a trip to Las Vegas as the top prize. The contest is looking for the best survival tip the entrant can offer to someone heading to Las Vegas. I have been offering this free unsolicited advice worth every cent that the recipient paid for it and much less for many years. And, fortunately, I can offer it in less than 140 characters…..

If Vegas is a place you dig
U know luck can zag & zig
Easy to say
This tip goes a long way
Best to win early & big!


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