~ Thread

by ladyliterati

So much madness

Disharmony, discord

Souls suffering in silence

Anguish pushed through a thread;

What if, the thread snaps, breaks

Fibers furled through the minds eye

Distorting reality

Distorting thought, worth

And the victim

Caught in the minds eye

Becomes entangled,

As a bobbin, spinning,

Spinning, spinning

Tighter and tighter the onslant

In a world they can no longer survive-
When the thread snaps…breaks

And I, a frail fringe

Left to hang on the hope

Of a child taught…”ever after ”

Where loved ones reunite

That glorious day, I left, to live for…alone.
O’Prunty ©


4 Comments to “~ Thread”

  1. I’m wondering why your using non-authors instead of your name? 🙂

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