Famously Unknown

by Dorinda Duclos

I write to spill my dreams
Upon the blank pages of life
I write to tell my stories
To release an inner strife
I write to open up my heart
And let the love shine through
I write with mixed emotions
When I don’t know what to do

I prefer to be in the quiet
Tranquility soothes my bones
I close off all the outside noise
I like to write alone
I pretend to be an actress
I play a part with words
Some can relate quite easily
While others find it absurd

Yet I am still a wordsmith
My thoughts I share aloud
Acting out a roll rehearsed
And playing to the crowd
To those who hear, I speak my mind
The words I recite, intone
In hopes one day you’ll remember me
When I’m famously unknown



©2015 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo: sodahead.com

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