Poem of the Day — Slope Peak

by paturnerlee

Slope Peak

Crest fallen, wilting, makeshift bin clattering resonance

The class breaks up for Christmas

seemingly tortured in troubled playtime kiss scenes

A cobbled street tinkles with chains; left by market share holders

breaking waves on waters

A precipice rising before the eyes

On the left the cage the soul bird song is ringing

Out for a light green scalpel delving into plasticine samples

All colours smelling difficult like marzipan left on the side

Dribbling man sized tissues from larger than life magazines

Fall intrepid, foul masterful dreams hollowed from boulders broken

Business up for severance captured by shutters snapping flashes

Gaping wounds stretched by grey clouds raining

Dissolving gasses from motor cars

Blessed and bargain basement dwelling neighbours

Organ grinders

Gripped by soap opera stars

Switch off

The mind

Lay fallow the well trodden grass green meadow

Clambering like knights in light cotton armour

Cooking mystical silence

Golden sliced and jewel held glamour

Swirls of neatly pruned melon

Running rich and rotten

Sure the end is forgotten

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 26th August 2015


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