Oxford Awesomesauce

by fivemsteps

Every three months right before beer o’clock,
a poet’s arsenal gets awesomesauce
as the bruhs at Oxford* release new stock
of MacGyvered words with pop culture gloss.

Though some see these new words as manspreading,
a kayfabe of sanctity prompting hurl,
I feel no fat-shame from such updating,
this list is my manic pixie dream girl.

But if you thought their list was brain fart or curt,
missing words by their rando editors,
then the only cure for being butthurt
is futile complaining with Redditors.

*This is Oxford Dictionaries’ mic drop,
not OED, who’s not mkay with slop.

2 Comments to “Oxford Awesomesauce”

  1. I think it’s time I took the OED down off my altar

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