~ Someone Needs to Speak, Truth

by ladyliterati

~ Someone Needs to Speak, Truth
Never in American history has a Commander-in-Chief endured such opposition to nearly every task at hand. From Homeland Security to Foreign Affairs, from his influence and suggestion of dealing with Terrorist Cells to Immigration Laws, and Obama Care.
Never in American history has a Commander -in-Chief been subjected to blatant, deplorable acts of disrespect. Yet he endures; not throughout one administration, but two! His fortitude is to be commended.

Blocked by opposing parties, those holding resentment within their ‘human’ hearts, deep seeded animosity from eras past…intent on history depicting him as a failure, daily devising negativity, sure to make black in headlines, focusing on fabricated ‘heresay’…and the Media gobbles it up; they too barely holding at bay their ‘human weakness’…
You couch politicians have no right to complain! You racist, still under the illusion, the delusion that “man is NOT created equal” have much to learn of ‘Modern America’. You who watched, yet did not cast a vote should hold your angry, lashing tongues. “To have a voice, you must make a choice”.
In my humble opinion, ” Our standing President, has done the best he could, with what was afforded him – rising above opposition time and time again, even from his own party – this is leadership, this is a focused man hell bent and bound to fulfill his Oath of Office” Many of us would have buckled under the pressure, stress of being the first African American President.
“History is written by the victors”… If you were to follow a timeline of our current administration, and how success far out weighs that of failure, I’ve no doubt, ” facing facts” would leave you scratching your empty heads.
Someone Needs to Speak, Truth…

Had his pigment been ‘white’ more Americans would be applauding all he has achieved. But, go ahead, live in your erroneous world of white supremacy’s, your delusional, demented minds blocking reality.
On a final note: Never have I seen and heard such base, derogatory comments referencing our current President – some of these are nothing short of ‘treason’ in my humble opinion!
You may not agree with our Presidents policies, colour or collaborations, but he is our President and the title alone commands respect, from the couch politicians to the media.
Proud to be an American,

Poetess A. L. O’Prunty


16 Comments to “~ Someone Needs to Speak, Truth”

  1. An excellent, excellent ‘rant’ on one of the most egregious injustices of modern time: conservative American has shown us its underbelly and believe me it is pale, soft, and white . . . You should send these thoughts to the Speaker of the House and the president of the Senate . . . Shame for Shame for Shame, you Republicans!

    • Peter, see my (hopefully edifying) comment below – Paul

    • Yes, Peter, a ‘rant’ – one I knew would cause controversy… The purpose was not to agree or disagree with the administrations policies, but to point out the total lack of respect from all sides; even his own! “And to still stand tall in the face of it all, takes fortitude seldom found”…now that’s a poetic line if I ever wrote one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I don’t care what color our president is, but anyone who stands for the dismemberment of unborn human beings has somewhere gone off track. If you really want truth, read a lot of history. Obamacare is the worst thing that could have happened to health care. More expensive, doctors leaving. Keep on learning and reading, don’t buy everything in the media. You for Ben Carson?

    • Hi Justine:

      My ‘rant’ has served its purpose. It was never intended as a pro or con commentary, simply stating the facts of how America has changed in the boldness of demeaning, derogatory, near treason remarks made about our standing President.

      It was written as “politics in prose” ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Poets make a difference, speak out through page and pen for injustices – understanding literature and the profound effects writings can have on current events is paramount, as it was centuries ago.

  3. I respect your passion, your convictions and your pride, but wholly disagree – as I disagree with this president on almost every issue of his policy and stroke of government – and it has absolutely nothing to do with his skin – I’d also point out how soon we forget (or dismiss and devalue) the atrocious and daily demonization of George W. Bush – I was not a big fan of him, either – but he suffered no less than Obama at the hands of his vituperative opponents – neither a Republican nor a Democrat, I, too, am a proud American who happens to be of independent conservative stripe –

  4. As a Brit, I see the Pres; as someone who has been held back at every turn by the opposition ( I think its the upper house ) every thing he tried to do was thrown out, if it was me I would have used a Pres; decree to get them through.

    I do hope you don’t get another Bush as Pres; and a upper house that is on the Pres; side.

  5. Well said, Paul, and I totally agree with most of the comments left here. Poor policy and the color of his skin have nothing to do with the state of our nation. We’re in trouble and it’s disgusting. That being said, I didn’t know that Poet’s Corner was a ground for political debate. I hope we get back to doing what this site is about. Political issues should be kept to one’s own blog.

  6. I have written a poem about the state of affairs I think I shall share. It is more about the love of our country and liberty and freedom in the greatest country in the world.

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