Paths Not Taken

by graypoet

We walk along the path of life’s journey
Not always sure just what we might see
At times we are eager to run on ahead
Wondering with who or what we will be.

As we grow older and maybe a little wiser
We remember those we met along the way
Maybe we walked together for some time
Yet crossroads or pitfalls, caused one to stray.

What caused paths to separate, each to go on
They say hindsight is 20/20, easy to look back
We’ve all had someone we still think about
Once so close, yet each took a different track.

Turn around and look the journey you’ve had
Does it make you happy or leave you shaken
All we can do is continue to try to move ahead
Even if we still think of those paths not taken.


6 Comments to “Paths Not Taken”

  1. Nicely done Graypoet. Welcome back and I hope Canada is agreeable with you. Be well

  2. Lovely write; and quite the song; my older brothers, mustangs, and their music is what it reminds me of – sigh 🙂

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