~ Wee Disabled Victim – Burly, Bullying Kentucky Police Officer

by A. L. O'Prunty

ADHD eight year old student handcuffed! Handcuffed!

Crying in pain, a wee victim of a burly, “bullying” police officer-
This is not justice! This is not acceptable! This is criminal!

Speaking of criminal… Beat the streets, perhaps the Challenge puts fear in YOUR dark soul
A child cries still ringing in my ears evokes a Mothers tears

A Mothers anger; hot white anger… seeing red
Nothing short of “child abuse” inflicted on a disable child

Taught “protection” “saftey” could be found in a uniform and badge!

“We the people” “We the Mothers” have had enough!!
Abused by bullies hiding behind badges where the buddy system rules the day

Where “rights” are violated daily – a wee childs rights!!
Did a sense of “power” feed your ego?

Did you feel “heroic” in your “arrest”…your alter ego triumphant?
Take on the drug ring dealers, the pimps trafficing Americas missing children, the rapist violating American women,

Does the thought send cold chills up your spineless spine?
Better yet, American Mothers demand your immediate dismissal! We also demand, a ” mental” evaluation of all officers whose duty is to “protect our children”…
How do you sleep, justify the abuse you inflicted on a ” disabled eight year old?” Tell us American Mothers!
How do you sleep?!
Give us Mothers your “handcuffs”

Let us inflict the “pain” of biceps cuffed

The excruating pain of shoulders hyper extended, backward

Of bone against bone, raw…ligaments, muscle stretched to capacity

Spine crushed inward by a near contorurtionist torture of sort!
Eyes of American Mothers shoot firey tears

Pray for our children’s saftey

Knowing, several of our wee disabled children have died

At the hands of whose oath was perceived as “unbridled power”… Give us your handcuffs!
O’Prunty ©

Mothers across America should be outraged, livid at the cruelty inflicted on this wee disabled sight year old and even more so, that several of our disabled children a doss America have died at the hands of those sworn to protect them!
#bullieswithabadge #MothersUniteToFightBack #AmericansAgainstHandcuffingChildren #DiabledChildrenMatterToo #Current Events
Poetess, A. L. O’Prunty

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