Life Invested

by mkvecchitto

Life Invested

It whispers in the background

Static, a constant companion

Biding its time patiently

waiting to strike

And when the moment comes…

When you draw your final breath

alone in the middle of the night

Will satisfaction be yours?

Did you color outside the lines

to create a masterpiece

of your own design

with all the broken pieces?

Did you answer the call

when beauty beckoned,

inviting you to find serenity

among chaos?

Did you fight the mighty battle

to deny mechanical routines,

choosing instead to sharpen

all the dull edges?

Life celebrates each moment

Static, a constant companion

Marking time patiently

inviting you to strike



4 Comments to “Life Invested”

  1. really motivating !!!!
    nice one

  2. A fine reflection on Truth . . .

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