~ Really?! A Lion?!

by ladyliterati

A United States iconic building lit up with a lion;

The Empire States Building jumping on the wagon –

Show case our “missing Children”

Our “trafficked Children”

News Flash: fifty young girls – “Still Missing” countries away!

Show case “Our” fallen service “Men and Women” on the line

Fighting for our continued freedom!
The very freedom allowing you to place a predator,

A “tagged, tracked, studied” prisioner –

With no freedom found

No free range

Higher than humans on “the chain”

Lighting up a NYC night sky!
America has lost its center

As if gravities pull had a persona

A hidden agenda –

A wagon of wealth making a statement?

A statement speaking louder than heavens thunder!
Our Veterans lay homeless in the streets

Sweltering in summer

Freezing in winter

But hungry…always hungry…

Feed them…home them

Our they not more worthy

Of the empathy, compassion, you’ve displayed?

Displayed from heights of unrealistic logic:

It is doubtful to imagine coming face to face with a Veteran

Intent on “eating you alive”
America has lost its center when a lion takes precedence

“Center Stage” devouring the minds of human{kind}…

Though disgusted at the “take down act”…
Let the NYC night sky, from Empire high

Be lit with our “Loved ones”… “our Children”…

“Our Fallen”… “our Veterans”

Who daily cry…”Is there anybody out there?”

“Does anybody really care?”
Stand as tall! Your display is a beckon to all!

Currently, laying low in American Eyes!
O’Prunty ©


4 Comments to “~ Really?! A Lion?!”

  1. We ARE a confusing nation, are we not! Not only from the outside view but from the inner view as well . . .

    • Indeed we are. However I do not include myself in this display of inexplicable ideology.

      • That’s the awkwardness of being a democracy: all the citizenry get painted by the brush of idiosyncrasies of those on fringe – the right or the left -, regardless of the cause . . .

  2. Good post. Priorities of the masses. Disillusioned society.

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