Take A Leap

by graypoet

Looking back at the life you have lived so far
Remembering what makes you who you are
The are many things of which you are proud
And maybe some you dare not say out loud.

As you look at the path that you now follow
Did you trust promises that now ring hollow
Are your steps hesitant, walking a little slow
Do you know what you want, only you know.

There can be baggage we carry from the past
Broken trust is something that can be amassed
Maybe we try but it is hard not to let it show
To reach out, there comes a time we must let go.

It is easy to say we want to do something new
Yet we can find it hard to see what we should do
Pile the baggage and doubt, leave it all in a heap
Follow the path to the edge and just take a leap.


One Comment to “Take A Leap”

  1. Excellent Idea and written well.

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