~ Midnight Monologue 

by A. L. O'Prunty

Beneath the waxing moon –

Womb of Nights sky

I am infant, small

Watching over me?

A billion blazing stars –

Nights eyes scattered,

Crossing an infinite canvas
Alone in my madness

My beautiful mad mind

Where life is questioned

Thought is provoked

Expanding consciousness –

Poetry sustains

Beauty found in fibers,

Weeping webs
Mist rises about my feet

Reminding me

I am grounded…

Firmly rooted

As the mystic Oak

Birch and Beech;

A Taurus

Seeking solace in the sky:
Do the stars in their glory

Looking down

See us shine?

Know our finest hour?

Ponder our story?

Does their curiosity

Blaze behind Dawns veil?

I am not alone –

You are not alone –

We are not alone –

Alone would be a void

Insensate nothingness;

Never have I been more alive!

Here, in my madness

‘Neath a waxing moon,

Blazing sky!
The Creator

In conscious creativity

Set within the human soul

An affinity

For looking with upcast eyes

From which our comfort arrives.

O’Prunty ©


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