Poem of the Day — Bin Meant for Scenery

by paturnerlee

Bin Meant for Scenery

Crackle toed, hint of gin

Speed bumps, clapped in jocular splendour

Climate: school devoured dinners raided on a Saturday Night

Siren ringing ears and passers by splashed in bright lights

A focus on fashionable façades

A glorious undertaking in wicker basket flowers

Children gathering simple songs;

For he wanted no sorrow

A gift for tomorrow

Young life sprout from a box

A stage of moustaches

A mere fop

An Ozzie festival

Red blue clashing dictums

Laid down by victims of messages

Trinkets jingled in harmonic cacophony

Charmed wide eyed and bag free journeys

A training boot clattering with nylon pressed finery

A slip and a cut, an abrasion

A life-long evasion

An uncalled for intrusion

Not needed but seemingly endorsed

No chance for a reasonable discourse

To lay down some judgement

Reveal an open torment

Play down a clever thought

You must stay in your place

I must stay in my place

Drift along through weaving eternal difficulties

It is left
Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 27th July 2015


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